Train to Become a Yoga Teacher – And Find So Much More

Yoga Teacher Training

Becoming a certified 200HR Yoga Teacher is an amazing accomplishment. Historically, the grads from the Alberta Yoga College (AYC) who are seeking teaching opportunities, find them, and even those who are not actively seeking to teach right away, often find themselves (happily) teaching unexpectedly. As the owner of the AYC, I love to hear the stories of how graduates landed their first class, how they are creating a website, or how they helped a friend ease their back pain in a private lesson. But it’s the other stories, outside the physical act of teaching, which solidify my decision to continue my career in yoga education and practice.

  • It’s About The Journey, Not the Destination: Cliché I know, but just keep reading! Most people enter our Yoga Alliance Certified 200HR Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) with teaching at the forefront. I’ve been asked several times “When I graduate, what is the likelihood of me teaching right away?” A very fair question to which I answer “It depends on your drive to create, seek, and find opportunities” Like any other career your level of commitment and effort will give equal results. However, what is often realized quickly by our trainees is, yoga teacher training is a far deeper, more enriched personal experience than becoming a teacher.
  • Yoga Teacher Training – Do It For Yourself: Yoga Teacher Training can be an intense learning process. However, most graduates express, it is the ‘best thing they have done for themselves’. Our training provides space and time for you through yoga and learning. I know it sounds absurd, but in just three months our program can help transform your daily routines, your conscious thoughts, and your life perspective. Our yoga education leads you into a journey that will open your eyes to a whole new world that is right in front of you. You just need to give it the time and space to be seen.
  • Friendship & Community: But, “I already have friendship and community” you say? I don’t doubt this. But the friendships I’ve built through my yoga teacher training, and have seen other students build, with trainee/graduate peers have been like no other. As a training cohort, you will go through a life-changing experience together. You will support and encourage each other. You will laugh together, cry together, and inspire each other every time you step on the mat together. And, to be honest, even off the mat! I have made long-lasting friends through my yoga education. I rely on these friends for conversations and support, of which only those who have had this experience could provide.
  • Fall In Love With Your Body: Let’s take a pause to recognize how incredible the human body is. Seriously, it is outstanding! Yet, most of us tell ourselves otherwise. (This could be an entire blog on its own!) Yoga teacher training will dig into parts of the body (and the mind – but we’ll get there in a minute) that will leave you speechless. Our YTT will give you the time to play within your body, discover its remarkable abilities, and fall in love with all it has to offer – no matter how much, or little, yoga experience you have.
  • Learn to Let That Sh!t Go: We all have things on which we hold deep down in the pit of our stomach, or maybe it just nags in the back of our thoughts. Our mind is the most powerful tool we have, and learning to focus and quiet the mind is essential to living in the present. In our 200HR Yoga Teacher Training you will learn skills that help focus the mind, both on and off the mat, finding ways to help you let go of the thoughts and aspects of your life that do not serve you.
  • When All Else Fails, Just Breathe: Ever find yourself in a stressful situation and notice you are holding your breath? Or, perhaps you are thinking really hard, and you pull in a long inhale and push out a long exhale? Yes, physiologically our breath keeps us alive, I get it. But, most of us don’t realize the control our breathing has on our interactions every day. Our Pranayama, our life force, our breath. Our Yoga Teacher Training brings focus to the breath and teaches the skills on how to control the breath and how, in turn, it can control the mind and the body.
  • The Power to Inspire: As a yoga teacher, your superpower is the “Power to Inspire!” Your knowledge can inspire others to practice, dig deeper within themselves, and live a life of yoga. Who knows! Maybe you even inspire them to become a yoga teacher themselves.