What Graduates Say

I enjoyed the program and the opportunity to be in a company of such wonderful people. This teaching program is a present to myself that I wanted to get for a long time.


I learned a lot and feel like I’ve taken away the information that I enrolled to learn.


Very organized, easy, consistent communication.


I am grateful for your excellent teaching experience and knowledge of regular and modified poses; for your ongoing, respectful and supportive communication with the students; for your inclusiveness of the students whose certain health conditions (chronic or temporary) does not allow an average flexibility.


I’m walking away from this a changed person...for the better!!! I have realized how much more there is to learn and I’m planning to continue on my yogi path. . . It was a very beautiful and enriching experience...I loved every moment.


Most enjoyable class I’ve taken. All the modules were relevant and informative.


I really enjoyed the program. I was a little unsure how it would go with being online, but I found the online class just as engaging as if you were in the studio. It was also very useful to be able to rewatch the class to get clarification on things. The recordings provided me with some valuable insight on how I look/sound when I am speaking in class or(...)


The heart and energy put into offering this course is palpable and I am so glad I took the dive into yoga teacher training through AYC. I was initially disappointed when COVID led us down the virtual path but truly what a great experience that in the end was well managed and I felt I got to know my class really well despite this novel format. Just as much(...)


I am so pleased with this program! Before I signed up, I read the comments submitted by past students and it’s what encouraged me to take the program. Now, having experienced it for myself, I echo the comments about this being such a well-rounded and fulsome program. You’ve done an excellent job curating a yoga training environment that fosters community,(...)


I am very happy I took this training. I have learned a lot. The program also created a desire to learn more about yoga and to practice more.


I have really enjoyed the program; it is run with great professionalism. The schedule makes for an enjoyable balance between your regular life and time spent learning, the content is diverse and thoughtfully presented . . . The school adapted to (Covid to) suit all changing regulations in a way that worked for everyone.


I loved how it wasn’t just yoga poses and alignment but opened my mind to so many other aspects of yoga.


I enjoyed this program and would definitely recommend it to friends and family. I have already mentioned it to a few of my close friends, as it has been an incredible journey.


Your support is fantastic. I’m grateful for the feedback and support when I was trying to think of poses for a group of 15-year-olds!


The program is very professional, science-based and follows a logical framework that makes it easy to learn without being overwhelming. The various faculty members are absolutely incredible at what they do, and their enthusiasm is infectious! Rob creates a professional but collegial atmosphere that allowed us to connect as a class even with COVID making(...)


At first I was nervous to learn the asanas via zoom and not be in the studio for corrections. This quickly passed after the first couple of sessions. Rob was able to correct me via zoom.


I liked how efficiently the program was delivered.


All the faculty are very professional and responsive. I've had a rich and meaningful learning experience.


This was absolutely wonderful, and more than I ever could have asked for. Thank you for creating such a wonderful program! I am so grateful!


I am extremely impressed at how much I've learned, how much fun I've had. Initially, I was a little intimidated to teach yoga, but this program has given me the knowledge and confidence to write my own class plans and present them without worry.


I so enjoyed all that I learned from all the teachers and my classmates. Made this one of the greatest experiences of my life.


It was a really good balance of all the aspects of yoga.

Amanda Z

Overall the program was amazing.


Really enjoyed the environment and people, a nice break from my work week.


I loved being her so much and I am so grateful for all that I will walk away with.


I have learned a lot in the program and am glad I went through it.


I loved all the practice teaching.

Amanda B

I love the flexibility of the hours and the time to take the course.


I am extremely satisfied. It is an amazing environment to be in. I loved everyone I met here . . .so kind. I would do it over again.


Everything was first class. I really am grateful to have learned from so many intelligent and experienced people.


The program has truly changed my life and was beyond all my expectations.


Excellent program that I will recommend to everyone!


Your organization and administration was more than excellent.


This course has given me so much!! All the teachers are extremely knowledgeable and engaging. I would recommend this course for anyone who wants to teach or even know more about yoga asana and yoga philosophy.


The program is fabulous.


I am so glad this is the program that I chose and feel that I have learned so much.


The course is very comprehensive and covers all aspects of yoga beyond the asanas. I would recommend this to anyone anytime!


Learned a ton. Inspired to learn more.


Very organized; appreciated the clear communication.


I made some good friends who I can relate to and share my yoga journey with.


Excellent communication – timely and clear. It was a great overview!


I was so nervous to begin the program as a mom of four kids. It has been life changing. It is for all levels and anyone who has a love of yoga.


Love the program and definitely will recommend to others. Very organized throughout.


I enjoyed the training a lot.


It was super easy for me to sign up and all my emails were quickly responded to. The binder is a great resource.


I have learned so much about myself. It has been a journey of self-discovery.

Julie Ruest

The program far exceeded my expectations! I enjoyed the wide variety and constant attention to detail. A very warm caring environment.


There is not a single other person who could have done a better job that Foster.


A great journey. I really feel I got my money's worth.


Really appreciated the program and how it was executed. . .how the program managed to cover so many aspects of such a vast practice.


I came to AYC thinking I was knowledgeable in yoga, but through the modules have realized this is just setting the groundwork for a life long journey of learning.


Included a very diverse and open minded overview of yoga.


Very well organized. Appreciate the flexibility so much. It's such a well rounded program.


Thank you so much for providing this wonderful course. It provided me with the information I need to create my own unique yoga experience. All of the added support from Swati, Foster, Sara, Krista and Cliona helped me understand how versatile yoga can be.


Loved the program.

Chee Lam

I really enjoyed the specialty modules.


I appreciated that this program was open to various other philosophies, styles and teachers. I know this experience has made me a better teacher.


I really appreciate how my perspective has been challenged, shaped and re-shaped through this course. Every week I walked away excited to learn more.


This course has been amazing. I've been inspired to try new things and think outside my comfort zone. I have developed some incredible friendships and will be forever grateful for my time here.


Such a great course that touches on so many different and important areas of yoga.


I loved it all. Life changing. Awesome, fabulous program!


I liked that everything was very punctual and described on the website. Communication was very good.


I have and will continue to recommend this college to others. The wealth of information each faculty brings is outstanding.


I learned so much about yoga beyond the poses. I will take many of the great lessons here and use it in my everyday life and classes. It was an amazing life-changing learning . . . I have better posture and confidence because of this program.


It’s good to learn from a variety of teachers who are subject matter experts in their field.


This is a great program. I have learned a lot . . . from great teachers. Being new in Calgary I was struggling before I started the program. But coming here three times a week started to make me feel happier and gave me a sense of community – for that I will always be grateful.


Non-judgmental environment made learning as a novice stress free. A real pleasure to come to class.


I am very satisfied, that, after my research I picked AYC to do my teacher training.


Enjoyed every minute of this course. I so appreciate the opportunity to get many apprenticing classes with different teachers!


Will happily recommend this course to anybody interested in furthering their yoga knowledge.


I have learned so much, and am so thankful to all the faculty for their enthusiasm and encouragement.


It was an amazing program, amazing teachers and amazing classmates!


So many great instructors with so much to share. A well rounded program.


Very flexible program. Makes it work for our busy schedules.


Great experience. Professional faculty. Thank you Rob for this exciting journey!


I loved the course and would recommend it to anyone looking to know more about yoga.


Clear expectations, organized schedule allowing for preparation and individual time management.


I knew nothing about yoga before this and have learned so much. Thank you!!!


I don't think I could learn asana from more qualified teachers in Calgary.


The program covers a broad range for 200 hrs. Very impressive!


Great program, well organized and planned out.


The program covers all aspects of yoga and the faculty is fantastic - they all have so much knowledge and experience.


Overall a good program.


I am graduating this program with a sense of having found myself and my community here at AYC.


I really enjoyed this whole experience.


Thank you for a great experience.


I've learned what yoga is in all its aspects, not just asanas.


Very robust program.


All the teachers have been amazing.


You gave us all the tools to be good yoga teachers.


This course has changed my life - for the better.


You have done such an amazing job, I'm not sure how you could improve.


So happy that I ended up taking teacher training at the AYC. I have learned so much.


I was very excited to see the emphasis on biomechanics and functional training. I was impressed it was body form over a crazy pose.


I have grown as a person and I’m super happy I had this experience. Thank you.


I’m very excited for the endless possibilities that are ahead because of this program; both personal and professional.


Would highly recommend to others. I’m proud to be a graduate of this program.

Jennifer P

This class was a terrific introduction to the world of teaching yoga, touching on many points that, as a student, you wouldn’t even think need to be addressed. This class makes you want to learn more, read more, take more certifications. It ignites your passion for yoga even more.


I’ve gone home each day feeling more and more confident in myself as well as becoming the teacher I know I will be.


I really enjoyed the program and, even if I never teach yoga, I feel I’ve taken in so many new things that will positively impact my life forever.


I didn’t expect the sense of community from the students. Everyone is very open and friendly.


I love the atmosphere of this studio. I loved that I was learning things about yoga that I’ve never known.


Overall, I think the program is well rounded . . . I have learned a lot.


I have waited a long time to take my teacher training, and it fulfilled my expectations beyond anything I could have asked for. You have a special studio. Just know that you and your team made a difference.


Everyone was wonderful, and being around beautiful energy has been inspiring, delightful and has made my life even happier.


This has been a life-changing experience. I wanted to know every bit about postures and I'm walking away with more.


I love the program: it was challenging and satisfying in regard to what we need to teach and be creative in how we want to go forward.


All the faculty was extremely welcoming and open. Found the program very professional. Was surprised on the wealth of knowledge I gained through the three months.


Very professional. Great feedback. Instructors kept modules interesting.


I love this program, the faculty and overall experience. I couldn't think of a better place to expand my knowledge and personal yoga.


Overall I have really loved the program. I found that the faculty are incredibly knowledgable and bring so much to the program.


I would highly recommend the program to anyone looking for a thorough yoga teacher training program.


Modules in the evenings and weekends make the program accessible, and the ability to make up missed modules makes it flexible.


I will recommend the AYC's program to anyone who will listen. Best investment I have made in myself. All week long I would look forward to Thursday nights and school.


Overall, the program has been worth the time and money.


I am so incredibly grateful and blessed and humbled.


Well run, well thought out. Appreciate the dynamic curriculum.


This program has deepened my understanding of yoga practice and encouraged me to align my values with the spiritual path of yoga. It has been amazing and heartwarming how quickly a group of individuals from such diverse backgrounds and demographics came together as a very warm and supportive community.


I liked the efficiency of the program. Loved the instruction and opportunities to practice and receive feedback.


The entire program is relevant to yoga professionals.


I have been given the tools to effectively assist students in a safe practice.


Super organized! I like the flexibility, yet structure.


I’m glad I trained in the right college. It’s life changing.


I love the binder with all the information and pictures.


I will forever recommend the Alberta Yoga College.


This training has been life changing. Each instructor passionately shared their knowledge in engaging ways.


Thank you for empowering me for the rest of my life. My confidence in myself and my dreams are worth every penny spent on this program.


I learned about myself, found a community and found my voice. The faculty has created an environment of supportive and caring learning.


This program has changed my life in so many ways. Everyone has been so wonderful and supportive.


Amazing course! Learned so much and also learned so much about myself. Felt like all the teachers and students are one big family. Will remember this course for life.


I would recommend this class or program to anyone who is looking to take this program.


So thankful for the weekly emails. They helped me to feel guided through the program and I as always prepared for what was coming. This entire program has been absolutely above and beyond what I expected.


It was the best decision of 2015. It changed me, my life and my future.


This yoga teacher training has been a wonderful journey. I have learned more than I ever thought I would and am excited to continue on this path.


I loved every second of the program.


The website is always current and easy to use.


Great program with amazing staff. Loved every minute.


I have truly seen a transformation in myself throughout these past few months. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in yoga or even for personal growth.


Program was extremely well planned and organized.


The program is very well organized and structured. The faculty is very knowledgeable and personable. They seem genuinely interested in helping students learn.


I gained a greater understanding of asanas. I have done yoga for many years, but now feel that I am finally understanding them! I would like to thank Rob and Cathy for such an amazing experience.


Thank you so much. I have learned more and had more fun than I imagined.


Clear and consistent. Practical and easy to understand. Many opportunities for open communication.


I am very grateful to Rob and Cathy for developing such a great course. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to teach yoga.


Program is very professional, well structured, the variety of modules are extensive and I’ve learned quite a lot.


I consider myself so lucky that I picked AYC; it must have been fate! Everything in my life seems to be falling into place since this program.


I am so pleased that I picked Alberta Yoga College for my teacher training. All of the instructors are knowledgable and I enjoyed all of the components. I feel prepared to teach a well-planned yoga class in a professional manner.


This course has brought so much joy into my life. I’m starting to gain more confidence and couldn’t be happier. I will take this experience with me for the rest of my life.


Thanks for providing this excellent introduction to teaching yoga.


I enjoyed every moment. I cannot wait to continue learning.


I have thoroughly enjoyed the program and would highly recommend it to others.


Learnt a lot and feel well prepared to go out and teach.


Very glad I signed up. Great program.


This was a total transformation of the way I saw yoga. The program integrated so many aspects.


The faculty, the space, the group, the pace, the information – all top level. So happy I chose this program.


I have learned more about myself in the past three months than I have in the past three years. . . So grateful.


This program transformed my life, holistically. Many other students felt this way.


I have so enjoyed being a part of this program. It has become so much more than just certifying to be a yoga teacher. I am becoming a different person, taking new journeys and I’m so glad I did this.


Understanding, flexible, supportive.


The Alberta Yoga College has completely altered my perspective on and off the mat. I am so thankful for my experience here.


It was a very rich program. I feel confident to start teaching. The environment is like a big family; we became brothers and sisters.


I am thrilled to graduate from such a widely inclusive and respected program.


Best decision I’ve made for me.


I am very satisfied with the program. The content was relevant and the faculty is very knowledgeable.


It was an amazing experience. Covered so many things.


Overall it is a great program. Practice teaching is helping me understand how to teach and how to show personality.


I loved this program, I am so grateful. My understanding and appreciation in all aspects of yoga has grown.


The most wonderful environment to learn in. I love the diversity of people all coming together. So thankful to have chosen this program. The practice teaching was incredibly helpful.


Thank you for really caring and loving all of us as ourselves. It really gave me a chance to face my fears and grow.


Such a great experience to learn more and become exposed to the world of yoga in way I never considered.


I loved how the program gave me exactly what I needed as the right time. Great balance between asana, physiology and meditation.


The quality of the teachers is superb. They all bring something different to the program. Everyone is passionate about the program and about us as individuals.


Amazing staff, so much harmony, balance of knowledge, biomechanics and spirituality.


This program has changed my confidence, happiness and ability to cope. I did not believe I could ever be good enough to teach yoga and I’ve transformed to feel I can accomplish anything.


This program is amazing. I grew and learned so much about myself and about yoga. We all started as strangers but we are leaving as family. I now have the knowledge and confidence to go out and teach.


Wow! It’s hard to put into words how amazing and life changing this program is. The experience of the faculty is second to none.


An organized, well-run program. Extremely informative, detailed and leaves the trainees well prepared. I couldn’t ask for a better program.


It is very professional, organized and well run program. No detail was overlooked.


Wow! What a great program! Very thoughtful planning and super versatile!


Always listened to everyone with empathy. Easy to contact.

Morgan K.

You all are fantastic and have so much to offer. I appreciate how much of yourselves you put into each session. You have made this such a wonderful program. Thank you.

Lisa K.

Thanks for a transformative experience.

Janet A.

Overall a wonderful course. Three months is a perfect time frame, not too rush or dragged on. Love the directors and the environment! I like the regular email memos, schedule is always on the website.

Colby S.

I love the program, the teachers, the students, the inclusivity and correct relationship building. You are creating community. I don't ever want to leave.

Jennifer S-R.

Very organized and timely in responding to students. I loved the program. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in increasing their yoga knowledge.

Suman B.

I love the teachers. They are all warm, understanding, and approachable. Life changing. I don't even have the words to explain the impact on my life. Best decision I ever made.

Laura C.

Such a warm environment to learn in. This program has taught me so much and has made me true understand how living an authentic life opens so many doors both on and off the mat.

Maggie H.

Taking this course has been the absolute best thing I have ever done that is just for me. I am finishing this program a happy, healthier and more positive person, thanks to Cathy and Rob.

Jen K.

I've been a student at the college since January and it's been an amazing experience! I did a lot of research before I chose to do my YTT here. Their program and format were by far the best. Rob and Cathy are wonderful and supportive teachers with great knowledge. I will be sad to be done as its been awesome but can't wait to teach!"


This course helped me make a dream a reality, and I am proud to say that after being certified with the Alberta Yoga College I now have been hired by the yoga studio I wanted to work for. It's great to work full time at a job you love (as I do) and then moonlight as a yoga teacher in the evenings to maintain my own fitness goals.


I am so grateful for the education I've received at the Alberta Yoga College. The instructors are leaders in their profession; not only are they passionate about their vocation, but they all live a yoga-centered lifestyle, which inspires the students to do the same. The flexibility and accessibility of the program are unmatched, the goal of everyone there is(...)


The Alberta Yoga College offers a fantastic program, lead by incredible and very educated and experienced teachers. I learned SO very much during my time with them, and was offered so much support and encouragement during the program. I have a huge respect for this school and all the teachers that are a part of this program. They really put their heart and(...)


Completed the 200 hours of yoga teachers training program 2014. My program was full of practicing, learning and doing new asanas. The course is intensive and covered lots of material. I found the recommended reading very helpful and beneficial in learning about yoga. Each asana was fully demonstrated in detail before performing it. The Alberta Yoga College(...)


The Alberta Yoga College provided me with the most nourishing and well structured enviroment to become a confident and inspired 200 hour certified yoga teacher. The program is not only extremely well organized and professional, but also led by a faculty of very experienced and motivating teachers. As a student, you feel you are getting all the knowledge you(...)


The Alberta Yoga College training program truly is a program like no other. The instructors at the College are passionate and able to effectively communicate their expertise in each topic with great success. The learning objectives were clearly outlined and were met beyond my expectations. Any questions I had throughout the training were answered promptly and(...)


The Alberta Yoga College was fantastic and so were all the faculty!! Absolutely loved this program!!


Completely satisfied.

Betty V.

I have really enjoyed this program. My knowledge has grown and made me want to know more and continue to learn. Thank you.

Kiera L.

I have enjoyed every bit of this training.

Lorena A.

I love the community of like-minded, soul-searching, kind-hearted and loving individuals that came together through this program. Thank you!

Ramona C.

Overall a great experience and great introduction to yoga! I'm very grateful to be a part of this group. Lots of heart and soul has gone into this program and it shows very clearly!!

Kayla Y.

I am happy with the program. Our group was really close. That is a tribute to Rob. I really feel like I got my money's worth.


Very well organized. Appreciated constant communication via email and was always very clear regarding expectations. Really appreciated the emphasis on safety.

Kim I.

Grateful for all I've encountered, grateful for the wisdom and experience shared.

Melissa M.

Whether I end up teaching yoga or not, this yoga teacher training has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I got to explore so many different sides of yoga that I never knew about.

Jennifer T.

I have learned more about myself in the past 3 months than I have in 30 years. Thank you!

Jill I.

This has been one of the best experiences of my life!!!

Lorena V.

Thank you for having such a life changing program!


Some of my favorite people in Calgary since moving here. Made me feel welcome and loved.


I love the strength-based, positive and constructive approach to teaching yoga. I can apply these skills to everyday life.


I found it very well organized and structured, but there is also some flexibility which I appreciated. I loved the program. Not sure how improvements could be made.


Extremely well organized and prompt. Really found the extensively stocked binder very helpful. Thank you for preparing us with well-rounded knowledge to teach healthfully and accurately.


Came in feeling intimidated, but quickly realized what a safe and friendly environment you have all created. Very knowledgeable in every module. I know I was taught the right way and am for ever grateful.


This program has been a life-changing experience. I absolutely loved every aspect of the program. I enjoyed gaining knowledge from a variety of teachers with different backgrounds.


Very happy I chose this program because of the flexibility, as well as amazing faculty. Enjoy the idea of being able to make up missed modules. Very excited to share with others.


The times and flexibility of the program is amazing. I would not have been easily able to do a different 200-hour program. Great teachers. Wish it was longer.


I loved the program: it is a door to further personal development.


So happy I went with this program. The time here has been so fun (and) I feel I have received so much knowledge.


This program was fabulous, well-rounded, with emphasis on the importance of safety in yoga. The faculty, with their diverse backgrounds and passion for what they do, is truly an inspiration. I learned so much.


I love the flexibility of the program and the amount of content. I have learned so much about the 'whole' of yoga.


This course exceeded my expectations. The highlight for me has been meeting and sharing this experience with so many beautiful people. Love the strong emphasis on correct alignment, but also the light-hearted atmosphere.


I had an amazing experience! Loved every minute of it. And definitely made new friends. Also my brain is much more full and wiser now!


I had a wonderful experience.


I am very grateful for everything I have learned from taking your classes as well as this course. I absolutely love teaching yoga!


Very satisfied and glad I took this course. I think the contents were well thought out and relevant. I particularly liked the flexibility of missing and re-taking modules. Awesome faculty!


This program exceeded any expectations I had. It has been an immensely valuable resource to me on my journey. I am very grateful for it.


I was extremely satisfied with the course. It was everything I wanted it to be and more. It surpassed my expectations and has given me a real hunger to continue my education. Communication was excellent. Program was laid out well and very straight forward.


The program was very well balanced, giving me a solid understanding of all the facets of yoga. I feel confident moving forward in becoming a yoga teacher. Loved the comfortable, intimate environment and the connection with other teacher trainees.


An excellent, well-organized course. The faculty are a group of very well trained, knowledgeable individuals who create an open, welcoming learning environment. I appreciated the structure of the course, the website with the calendar, the handouts.

Carla, PT

I cannot imagine there being a better yoga teacher training course than this in Calgary. All the teachers are great and seem to have great knowledge and experience. I learned so much, improved a lot too with my own practice. Every minute of class seemed used in a good, positive learning way.


I think you guys have a done a wonderful job with your program. You really try to incorporate as many aspects as you can! Much appreciated.


I've been wanting to thank you both for a long time. Thank you for building your program and thank you for making it work for those times when I had special requirements because of my health/pregnancy issues. Most of all, thank you for creating something that has now given me a completely different opportunity career-wise & created a different family life(...)


Thank you so much for your passion, dedication and energy. I am sad to be finished the course, however excited for my life-long journey down my yoga path. This program ignited a passion and love for yoga inside me that I didn't quite know the depths of.


I am not usually able to give full marks courses that I have taken but it is so deserved for the 200 hr program at the Alberta Yoga College. I have recommended the program to a number of people and will continue to do so because I got so much more than I expected out of it.


The Yoga College teacher training has impacted me in such a positive way I am incredibly grateful for the informative teaching and friendly community that this program offers.


Loved the program, everyone was helpful, kind-hearted and friendly. I learned so much and felt confident to start teaching after completing the program.


I went into this course assuming I would come out with a teaching certificate, but came out with an amazing journey of self-discovery and a thirst for the deeper meaning of life.


I enjoyed my experience and would recommend this school. It was a very positive and challenging experience. I appreciate the efforts that went into the program. I also enjoyed all the instructors and the differences they brought to the experience.


Very professionally ran school and teacher program, I would recommend to anyone interested.


The program enables students to feel encouraged and confident. The staff is wonderful.


I enjoyed the program. I am happy I finally decided to register. I really would recommend this program, it was great.


I am so pleased with your program and have enjoyed every minute. In a way, it is sad to graduate because I don't want it to be over. The friendships that have formed and the closeness of the group is heartwarming.


I’d like to take this opportunity to express gratitude for Iyengar yoga and props – I haven’t liked using props in the past, believing that I should push myself to do poses without props. I see the folly in that idea now and am loving all the creative ways you and the other instructors are showing us to use anything – like walls for standing poses! (...)


The administration and how organized everything is, is outstanding! Handouts are great and the manual is well designed and very well written. As a student I felt as if I was coming to a Professional Yoga school. It gave me a feeling of trust, a feeling that I had come to right place to learn about yoga and to learn to teach.


I really loved how organized and well thought out the program is, and how direct and concise the information was given to us.


This program is a great stepping stone to the world of yoga. It will open your eyes and satisfy your craving for more yoga knowledge. The faculty is amazing and I've gained way more knowledge that I ever imagined.


A great foundation. So pleased with the program. Overall, I felt respected and noticed.


Pretty much perfect. Every instructor brought something wonderful to the table.


I loved the program. I have gained a very solid foundation in my journey to become a yoga teacher. The community built with other students was so special.


Very satisfied. Cannot believe it is just about over.


The program was well organized. I appreciated all classes being on time and well structured. As it draws to a close I realize how much I have learned and I so greatly value the community.


I am so glad I have taken this program. I feel ready to teach and I have grown as a person.


This program has been life changing for me. The learning environment created by Rob and team is so comfortable and inspiring.


Best thing I have done for myself in my adult life. I have grown leaps and bounds in the last three months. I am so grateful to have come across this amazing school.


This is an incredible program that has positively impacted every aspect of my life. The instructors are sincerely committed to the happiness, health and success of every trainee. I am endlessly grateful to all the instructors and trainees I met in this program who encouraged me to blossom and become my true self.


This program set a great foundation of all aspects of yoga. I'm very inspired and encouraged to go out and teach. I made some great friends. Thanks to the great teachers.