Elements Yoga Series

Elements A limited yoga series with Bonnie Heine

July 7 – August 4, 2022.

Based on the teachings of Ayurveda, the universe is comprised of . These elements are embedded in everything we do, offering their own unique qualities to our daily lives and, yes, even our yoga practice! Elements are the building blocks of the universe, and each one correlates with the senses, with particular body parts and functions. Each has an energetic correspondent within the chakra system.

In this series, we’ll experience the elements through the use of the senses (smell, sight, touch, sound), specific yoga postures, and breathing techniques to reestablish balance within us and reconnect us to our inner selves.

This collection includes classes dedicated to each of the five elements. They are all uniquely created and sequenced to inspire a feeling of connection to the elements as you practice.

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Register for a 1X Drop-In: https://app.punchpass.com/org/7175/passes/150437?check=1655826534

This series is suitable for:

All levels Curious yogis interested in exploring breathwork and meditation alongside thoughtfully sequenced movement practices Practitioners looking to experience yoga in varying styles

Note: Classes in this series may include various sounds/music styles, adjustments in lighting, appropriate scents/essential oils and the use of meditative props.