200HR Yoga Teacher Training

Our leading 200HR Yoga Teacher Training program provides a solid foundation for you to become a confident and well-rounded yoga teacher. The program is aimed at anyone aspiring to share their passion for yoga with others or to deepen their own knowledge. Our hybrid format allows for in-studio and livestream learning. During 2024 offered in Calgary, AB and Lethbridge, AB!

Courses & Workshops

Offering opportunties to deepen your knowledge, gather with community, or treat yourself to an afternoon for the mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga Practice

The AYC is currently offering our pre-recorded VOD library for only $24.99/mth!

Our Next 200HR Yoga Teacher Training Begins - Lethbridge, AB








Learn The Art and Science

of Being a Yoga Teacher

Learn evidence-based teaching techniques for a variety of yoga styles and student needs. You will receive a broad and comprehensive training, including, a deep dive into various Asanas, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Limited Mobility, Yoga for Kids, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Teaching Techniques, Pranayama and Directed Breathwork, Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, Yoga for Trauma, Yoga & Voice, and more. To view our full training calendar click here

200HR In-Studio

Our current Yoga Teacher Trainings are in-studio learning. Come join us in our next training in Lethbridge, AB, September 21, 2024!

Use RESP and RSP Funds

We are the only Calgary Yoga Training certified with the federal government as an education institute (Registered number: 7009/12757). This allows applicable trainings to be eligible for the use of RESP and RSP funds. Inquire for more details. 

Teach With Confidence

Our 200HR YTT is accepted worldwide. It provides provides a solid foundation in the skill and knowledge required to teach yoga. You will gain confidence to teach yoga based on the findings of modern biomechanics and kinesiology.

Planks A Lot

The Plank. A well-known body weighted exercise that is within a number of fitness disciplines. Commonly thought of as building strength for the core, the plank works much...

Restorative Yoga – The Undiscovered Practice

For the first several years of my practice I had never heard of Restorative Yoga. Fast forward to my first 200HR Yoga Teacher Training, my true first experience with a...

Yoga for Hip Mobility

By Stephanie Ralph | August 23, 2022 I designed a yoga class this week for my Monday Morning Yoga Flow that focused on hip and shoulder mobility. As we moved through the hip...