Becoming A Teacher – Finding My Way To Lead From The Mat

I was in my 20’s, had finished studying business and found myself in middle of the road jobs that were not filling my cup. I decided returning to school was the best option for a better, more fulfilled, future. While I couldn’t study full time, as I needed to maintain an income, online studying had become more popular – albeit not as savvy as today’s online learning world. After consulting with a friend, and the university, I decided to work towards a teaching degree.

There have been a lot of teachers in my extended family and, on the surface, it seemed like a great career choice. Personally, I have always loved being part of someone’s personal growth and sharing any knowledge I had – so yes, becoming a school teacher seemed to be the obvious choice. However, as I worked my way through the courses I began to feel unsettled. Firstly, I really don’t learn well within the design of a university. I need more engagement, more hands on, more community. Second, I began to realize I didn’t want to teach to a room full of children, in fact, the thought terrified me. It saddened me to let this goal go, to throw away all the work thus far and not finish what I started. But, my heart was not in it and so I had to accept this and move on.

Years passed and I worked my way into a great career and a leadership position in an amazing non-profit organization. After several years, I began to realize the part I loved about my job the most, was leading and teaching newer people in our organization about our mission and helping them grow in their roles. Let me clarify, this did not mean I was looking for a career in human resources, I wanted to mentor, to lead, to teach!

Enter Yoga Teacher Training!

While I could go on about how I discovered yoga, a great Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program, I will just skip to the meat and potatoes (as my Mom would say!). I was about 3 weeks into my 200HR YTT when I realized that the universe (finally!) brought me to the place I was meant to be. The experience of Yoga Teacher Training was exactly what I was searching for all these years! A hands on learning experience, engagement, community, and the chance to teach and lead people. I had finally found my place. I was finally a teacher, and to sweeten the pot, within a speciality I have loved for many years. Every time I am on my mat to teach I feel PRIVILEGED. I work hard to give my students THE BEST experience I can possibly give in those moments.

Students take Yoga Teacher Training for many reasons. Some for personal growth, others to build a career in teaching. Whatever your reason, I can promise at the Alberta Yoga College, we will help you find your way. If you are considering Yoga Teacher Training my advice is to accept the journey. It will have many special moments along the way and, in the end, you might just realize you’re exactly where you are supposed to be.