New Teacher – Tammy Brigidear

We are excited to announce a new teacher for Alberta Yoga College public classes. You may have already met Tammy Brigidear, a familiar face as a student in morning and evening classes.
She will now transition to teaching Monday mornings at 9:30 am starting September 13, but subbing this Monday for Deona.
Tammy has been one of the most successful college graduates, building her own solid base of students in her Lakeview-based classes over the past 18 months.
She is a skillful teacher with a warm, inviting personality that has drawn people in from day one teaching in her local community centre.
So we invited her to talk with trainees three times a year about the skill of becoming a successful professional!
And now she is on the public class roster as well!
I hope you will turn out to support her!
Meanwhile I am sorry to let you know that Deona will be leaving us after September 6 due to fall family commitments! She has been a great addition to the roster of public class teachers this challenging year and I am grateful for that.