Is Yoga A Good Career?

Is Yoga a Good Career? In my opinion, yes! But it is more complex. Do you want to be an entrepreneur, an educator, or work for a studio? Here are some considerations to help bring your dream bringing a yoga career to life.

Teaching yoga classes. Let’s be honest, most of us fell in love with yoga because we went to a yoga class. Teaching classes are a great way to hone in those skills, stay connected, and form a community. However, you need to consider what the rate of pay is in your area and how many classes you need to teach to meet your lifestyle. That varies from town to city, from each studio, and for each lifestyle. Research your area and chat to other teachers.
Become an educator. There are a number of yoga education organizations which offer short, topic specific, training sessions, and teacher certifications. If being an educator beyond the mat brings out passion in you, then you have just opened a new window of possibilities to earn income through yoga. Search your area and online for where these opportunities exist.
Going into business. Perhaps you want to run your own yoga business from your home, or rent/buy a studio space. Both can prove to be fruitful if you have business knowledge, the personal drive, and some investment money. A business from home requires much less investment, but can also be harder to establish. Whereas, a studio would mean more money up front, but with the space to expand and grow to create more revenue.
Continue to learn. The 200hr certification is the foundation of yoga teacher training but don’t let your learning stop there! Having a successful yoga career requires you to stay with the trends and continue to learn about the traditions that helped form this great practice. Continue to attend educational sessions, read books, and engage with your yoga peers.
Find your focus. Narrowing your expertise can make you more desirable as a teacher or educator. Perhaps you want to focus on pre-natal or children’s yoga, maybe restorative or hatha. Setting yourself up as an expert in one or more areas is a great way to accelerate your Yoga Career into the next gear!
Consider a mentor. If you are wondering how to get started, consider seeking a mentor. Perhaps this is someone in the yoga community, the business community, or both. An experienced mentor can provide invaluable knowledge that can help guide you on the right path for your Yoga Career.

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Stephanie Ralph, RYT