Welcome Health Professionals!

Health Professionals such as physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, massage therapists, dental hygienists and respiratory therapists have all graduated through our doors, attracted by our scientific, evidence-based approach to yoga. For them, doing yoga teacher training through a federally certified education institute makes complete sense. It provides a complement to their existing skills: another tool in their toolbox to help their clients and patients. Some health professionals we’ve seen recently, such as an internal medicine physician and a pediatric emergency physician may have taken it for their own professional development and personal growth. One GP I spoke to recently, who plans to sign up for our fall session, starting September 15, has chronic back pain. He says doctors have very little training in biomechanics and he is excited to expand his skillset to help others – and resolve his own back problem. One seminal piece of research by Arthur Klein and Dava Sobel on virtually every back therapy showed no discipline “comes close to matching the widespread appeal and positive results of yoga.” Try our training for yourself – and for overall health!

Rob Walker, Director and author of The New Yoga, From Cult and Dogma To Science and Sanity