How Important is finding “Yoga Near Me”?

yoga near me

The Google search to find Yoga Near Me or Yoga Teacher Training Near Me is one of the first place most potential Yoga Instructors and other Yoga Students look to find the best program.

But is easy access the most important criteria in looking for Yoga Teacher Instruction?

Well, it depends! Having a studio like The Alberta Yoga College at the intersection of the two major central Calgary expressways like Glenmore Trail and Crowchild Trail does make a huge difference when you are fitting Yoga Teacher Instruction into a world already filled with kids and a fulltime job. So, from Rocky Ridge in the far NW or from Cranston in the deep south, it takes only 24 and 19 minutes respectively to get to AYC outside rush hour. That has to be important!

But other criteria are critical:

    • Is the program certified with the Yoga Alliance? This is important for getting insurance and work with a gym or studio.
    • Is the program registered as a Federally Certified Education Institute? This status allows you to claim the cost of the program against tax on the following year’s return. You can also use RESP and RRSP funds to pay for the course.
    • How experienced is the faculty? At AYC, for example, director Rob Walker has run teacher training programs for 20 years during which time he travelled to India 3X to study extensively with the world’s leading yoga teacher. He has also re-defined yoga with his 2020 book, “The New Yoga, From Cult and Dogma to Science and Sanity.”
    • Another common criterion, when looking for a Yoga Teacher Training Program is whether the program is online or in person. This allows for the cautious learner to stay online but allows even the in-person enthusiast to study from home when the children get sick or some other emergency crops up.

So, how important having Yoga Instruction Near Me or Yoga Classes Near Me depends very much on your evaluation of what is important. One thing is for sure: Alberta Yoga College ticks Yoga Near Me, Yoga Instruction Near Me and Yoga Classes Near Me – and most other boxes that you should consider when deciding which program is for you.

Rob Walker
Director, AYC