7 Ways AYC Can Enable Your Dream of Becoming a Yoga Teacher

1.  Am I good enough or have enough experience?

Many of our best graduates had a little experience when they started. We give you all the knowledge you need to begin teaching with competence and confidence.

2.  What if I have many other commitments, children, a job or looking after elderly parents?

Our hours are outside the normal work week and trainees can take the course in two parts to spread the load over six months instead of three.

3.  There seem to be so many training programs. How do I choose the right one?

Our college is the only dedicated yoga teacher training facility where the trainees come first and train in a dedicated location. With 20 years’ experience we have ironed out the glitches and perfected our training.

4.  What if I cannot afford it right now?

If you can’t afford to pay now, we can arrange for you to pay by instalments.

5. I want a program that offers training in person/I want a program that offers training online.

The Alberta Yoga College quickly adapted to pandemic restrictions and is now able to offer the training with total success online or in person!

6. What happens if I have a holiday booked or something comes up that prevents me attending?

This is a common concern which we address with recorded modules which can be viewed in your own time.

7. I want to deepen my own practice: I don’t want to teach yoga.

Many of our trainees have no intention of teaching. They just want to deepen their own personal knowledge and experience!

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